Item preparation: Clothing

  • Be sure all clothing items are of current style, free of stains, odors, rips, and stains.  All items will be screened at Drop-Off and returned to the consignor if found to be of lesser quality than we strive for our sale.
  • Secure all buttons and zippers
  • ​Hang the garment on the hanger with the hook facing to the left, like a question mark.  Hang strappy tops onto a velvet or notch top hanger so they don't slip. Please do NOT pin the item to the hanger.  
  • Hang pants and skirts on a clip hanger only.
  • Affixing the price tag: only pin the tag to the manufacturers label or through a button hole.  Be sure not to damage a garment when tagging.  Whenever possible, affix the price tag to the front left of the garment.
  • View the tutorial video at the bottom of this page.
  • Each consignor may bring unlimited shoes handbags, jewelry, and accessories, and up to 300 hanging garments. If you have more hanging items, you may be eligible for Restocking Consignor status.

Item preparation: Shoes

  • All shoes must be of current trend and without damage or excessive wear. Of course soles may show some natural wear but this must not be excessive.  We strive to keep the quality of the sale high so shoppers can count on us!
  • You may bring shoe boxes but non-luxury brand shoes will be displayed without their boxes.  Luxury items should include box, dust bag, and documents showing authenticity whenever possible.
  • ​Affixing the price tag: some options are to tape the price tag to the bottom of the shoe or zip tie it to a buckle or around a strap. Be sure the customer is able to easily try on the shoes.
  • Do not zip tie or tape shoes together.  Shoes will be placed on the rack together and this makes it easy for buyers to try them on.
  • View the tutorial video at the bottom of this page.

Item preparation: Jewelry

  • Use your ribbon, string, or zip ties to affix price tags to jewelry.
  • Remember shoppers will want to touch and possibly try on jewelry so keep this in mind as your prepare and tag.
  • View the tutorial video at the bottom of this page.

​Item preparation: Handbags

  • Luxury goods should come with dust bag and papers of authenticity whenever possible.
  • Clean the inside and outside of your bag so it shows well.  Use Febreze for any odors.
  • Stuff your bag lightly with some tissue paper as most bags show better when this is done.
  • Affixing the price tag: Punch a hole in the tag then use a zip tie, a tagging gun, or sturdy ribbon/string to affix the tag to the handbag.   Do not place pins through the material as this may damage the item.

How to enter items into the software

 How to prepare your clothing

 How to prepare your shoes, jewelry, and handbags.

Things you'll need:

  • White Cardstock (for printing price tags)
  • Sturdy safety pins or tagging gun
  • Computer and Printer with fresh printer ink
  • Hangers for shirts and pants (with clips)
  • Tape
  • Ribbon, heavy string, or zip ties

 merchandise preparation